LA COMMEDIA (9 item) - 7 available
These masks are a representation of "La Commedia" style, which includes "Pantalone, Arlecchino, Pulcinella", plus Pinocchio, and several other characters.

FULL FACE (15 item) - 11 available
The Full Face mask type, is mainly a wall decoration mask, but you can still wear it for some time. After the use (if any), is a great decoration for your home.

COLOMBINA (6 item) - All available
Because of its wearability, it allows you to drink and eat. Perfect for Masquerade balls, and after that, a really nice, unique piece for your crystal cupboard. A great and not-so-usual gift idea for any age.

FEATHERS (12 item) - 10 available
These beautiful masks are made out of with true domestic ostrich feathers. Once worn, given the magnificent disposition of feathers, you can be sure to be the main attraction of the night. Plus, its a stunning piece for wall decoration!

JESTER (9 item) - 8 available
As the name says, the Jesters are all the masks with bells, and they come in several sizes, colours, and range of prices. Most wearable, yet they are a great piece of furnishing.

SUN AND MOON (2 item) - 1 available
One of the best selling masks. These beautiful pieces of Venetian history, are really an amazing feature for your home and it will truly change the look of your wall. Simply magnificent!

WALL FEATURES (15 item) - 9 available
These masterpieces need at least five days by painters artists to create them. Unfortunately these photos, wont give enough justice of their spectacularity. You have to come at the shop. Truly pieces of Venetian art!

METAL (5 item) - All available
These modern masks are made here in Australia and handcrafted, designed to suit all contours of the face. They are very classy and very easy on the face.

MARIONETTA (2 item) - All available
By not being a mask, these precious little "toys" still have an ancient tradition in Venice. They are (as all our masks), handcrafted with a very old tecnique.They have a real wood structure and a high quality fur.

JEWELLERY AND ACCESSORIES (7 item) - 6 available
This category is all about bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and other items available in store.

LEATHER (14 item) - All available
These masks are made, as usual, by hand with first grade imported italian leather. The quality and the finish of these masks are assured by the highest standard of handcraftsmanship. Come see them to believe.